The Dairy

Your Body Will Thank You
As the benefits of goat’s milk have become common knowledge, more and more people are increasingly switching to this healthy alternative. Today, it is quite clear why this has become a highly preferred choice for dairy. Goat’s milk is easier and quicker to digest than cow’s milk due to the different types of fat and protein it contains and its overall similarity to mother’s milk. It is also lower in its lactose content and has been shown to be less allergenic. Studies have revealed that the levels of calcium, potassium and several vitamins are higher than in cow’s milk. More and more nutritionists are pointing people towards goat’s milk-based dairy products as a healthy, tasty alternative and it seems that the benefits are growing ever more apparent.

We believe that feeling better and living better are a true benefit of what we do. We are satisfied in our work, knowing that we can offer a healthy dairy alternative that also tastes great. For us, it is a way of life, and we are proud to share it with you.