The Dairy

True Quality Tastes Better
Throughout the years, our family has developed a wide range of goat-milk based products, catering to the tastes and desires of our customers. Our extensive line comprises over 15 products, including bio-enriched yogurts, fresh and mature cheeses and pure fresh goat’s milk. Each of these provides the wonderful benefits of goat’s milk dairy in a wide variety of options to choose from.

Giving people the chance to enjoy special flavors and tastes is one of our goals, leading us to create original products such as pomegranate and date honey yogurts. Fresh cheeses include labane in olive oil and za’atar, soft spreads, cream cheese and salty cheese (Tzfatit). Our selection of matured cheeses includes soft feta and semi-hard Lord, Tom and Admon. Some of these cheeses are available in a choice of fat contents.

Our fine family of products:

Goat’s Milk

Plain Yogurt

Flavored Yogurt
Pomegranate Goat Yogurt
Date Honey Goat Yogurt

Goat Cheese Labane
Za’atar and Olive Oil 5%
Za’atar and Olive Oil 16%
Labane Balls in Olive Oil 5%
Labane Balls in Olive Oil 16%

Fresh Cheese
Goat’s Milk Tzfatit Cheese 5%
Goat’s Milk Tzfatit Cheese 16%
Goat Cheese Spread with Olives
Garlic and Dill Goat Cheese Spread 5%
Goat’s Milk Cream Cheese 16%
Goat’s Milk Butter

Soft Matured Cheese
Goat’s Milk Feta Cheese

Semi-hard Matured Cheese
Lord Goat Cheese
Tom Goat Cheese
Admon Goat Cheese